Jep And Jessica Robertson Finally Decided To Park Their Food Truck HERE


Jep and Jessica Robertson recently moved to Austin, Texas. They uprooted their family of seven with hopes of ramping up their food truck business. Now they’ve finally found a permanent location for their restaurant on wheels.

Jep and Jessica Robertson’s Food Truck

Jep and Jessica Robertson recently opened a food truck in Austin, Texas. The truck is called “Jep’s Southern Roots.” For a while now the food truck had been appearing at a few different sites. It opened at a store called “Junk Gypsy.” 

However, now the truck will be permanently located at the Family Business Bear Company grounds. Jessica announced, “‘m as proud as can be about the @familybusinessbeerco launch next week on Jan 10th at 19510 Hamilton Pool Rd!! Our new food truck will be open for business! Come visit us in Austin!!”

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The couple has come up with a few of their own recipes for the business. They’re also including a few Robertson favorites from over the years. Jessica explained, “The truck serves up some homemade delights like our very own meat pies, po’ boys, etouffee, and more! Plus, the food is prepared with heart and southern soul, all homemade, and our own, tried-and-true recipes!”

Jep and Jessica Robertson admitted they struggled with finding a new passion once Duck Dynasty ended. They both agreed they love food and serving others. A Food truck seemed like the perfect way to do both. 

Moving To Austin

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Many fans were shocked to hear that Jep and Jessica Robertson had moved to Austin, Texas. The couple has five children of their own and has always lived in West Monroe, Louisiana. 

However, they put their 1.4 million dollar property on the market last month and haven’t looked back since. Jessica says that they’ve made great friends in Austin over the past few years. That sense of community and adventure is what motivated them to make the big leap. She said, “God has planted those people in our lives over the past five years to know the transition to leaving because we’re not leaving family, yes we are leaving the neighborhood and selling our house, but we’re going back so often. Kay’s already booked trips here to see us.”