Jase Talks About Uncle Si’s Unique Storytelling Abilities

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-08

Jase Robertson Talks Si’s Stories

Jase Robertson | Photo Credit YouTube

Game and Fishing Magazine sat down with Jase Robertson to talk about the rise of the Duck Dynasty series and his role at Duck Commander. During the interview, they also couldn’t help but to discuss Uncle Si’s famous storytelling.

Jase Robertson joked that Uncle Si believes his stories, even if they aren’t always true. In a way, he tells giant, epic stories that will obviously seem to be embellished, but that’s just Uncle Si, said Jase.

Part of it even comes from his poor eyesight, said Jase.

“Black Panthers” In Louisiana 

Uncle Si (source: Facebook)

Robertson revealed, “Definitely in his mind it is. His story telling is just epic, because he always embellishes stories, and that’s just Si, he loves to tell these tall tales. You can just pick out the parts you know to be true and pick out the parts you know to be false.”

“A lot of his stories he really believes. He doesn’t have the greatest eyesight, and he’s spotted all these various black panthers at different stages of his life, and he thinks there are large black panthers roaming the woods in Louisiana. Every time we think we catch him in what we think is proof that he cannot deny, he always comes up with something.”

Some of these “black panthers” turned out to be “black house cats,” said Jase, but then Uncle Si says Black Panthers have babies too.

Running From Wolves As A Boy…

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

With the black panther story, Jase eventually went down to the zoo and took some pictures of a black jaguar at the zoo to show his Uncle what they really looked like. When he returned, Si just said, “Yeah, I see them all the time. That’s them right there.”

Another story involves running from wolves when Si was just a boy. Jase doesn’t believe this one either, but the story even indicates that Si’s shoes actually caught on fire while he was running so fast from the wolves…

What’s your favorite Uncle Si story from Duck Dynasty?

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