Jase Robertson Talks Rise Of Duck Dynasty Fame

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-08

Strange Going Out In Public

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

“It’s definitely strange going out in public,” said Jase Robertson, about the family’s enormous fame since the A&E series geared up. As millionaire duck call makers turned reality stars, the family still lives for “God, Family, Ducks. In that order.”

The series brought in about 3.9 million viewers back in their second week, which meant taking the top spot as the most watched cable television series that night. The series ran 11 seasons in total.

This includes guest roles on other shows like Last Man Standing as well.

God, Family And Ducks…

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

Jase Robertson said, “It’s definitely strange goin’ out in public, with our beards and all, we stand out already. People used to think we were either homeless or a threat to their safety, well now they recognize us. So if you want to go to the grocery store, you realize probably you’re gonna be there two or three hours because you’re noticed so much. That still seems crazy to me.”

In addition, Jase believes that the series took off because they never set out for fame and fortune. They’re people of faith who have their priorities in order, which is what many fans of the show connected with in the first place.

“We’ve said that our priorities are God, family, and ducks,” confirmed Jase.

Lots Of Crazy Characters

Duck Dynasty | Photo Credit A&E

The Duck Dynasty star added, “People just think it’s cliché but we’ve said that our priorities are God, family, and ducks. That’s just the way it is. Really for us it’s a family show that we enjoy doing together. We got a lot of crazy characters in my family with different personalities, and it makes for good TV because that dynamic is funny.”

“We pick at each other, we have fun, and I think that’s what’s appealing. We’re really a family who happens to duck hunt. You know there are more people who watch the show who aren’t hunters. I think that’s because we’ve tapped into human life, which is what we’re about…”

What do you miss most about Duck Dynasty?

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