Jase Robertson Says He Understands The Left’s Impulse To Up Gun Control


The Parkland, Florida school shooting has ignited gun control debates nationwide. The Robertsons’ have yet to speak out about their thoughts on the matter. However, this video of Jase Robertson puts the Duck Dynasty alum’s opinion into perspective.

Jase Robertson On Gun Control

Jase Robertson is a reasonable man. He realizes that gun control is an emotional topic, and he claims to understand both sides. Jase grew up among God-fearing, gun loving men. He’s probably owned his own guns for upwards of 20 years now. However, he knows change needs to happen.

Back in 2015, Jase told The Blaze, “It is a problem. There’s raving lunatics out there with guns. Here you are following the rules. You’re in class, got to do what’s right, and some idiot comes in there with a gun. And there’s literally no way for you to survive other than luck.”

Often after these sorts of mass shootings American citizens call for greater gun control. They don’t understand why the 2nd amendment is so important, and they want stricter laws and less guns- period. Jase says he understands that thought process. He explained, “I don’t blame them for responding that way, because look- everybody believes this is horrible. This is horrific. You respond emotionally, because this is like unbelievable. How does this happen? What can we do?”

His True Opinion

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However, just because Jase understands these people’s sentiments, doesn’t mean he agrees. He countered, saying, “In my opinion, I think the more people that are armed, with good intentions, the better off you are. It just seems, it’s giving power to people with evil intentions, if they can go to a gun free area, and they’re the only ones with a gun.”

He does understand that all people are well intended. He explained, “We’re all trying to stop violence. We want everyone to love each other and value human life. But I’m saying that’s not working. I just don’t think that plan is working.” 

Do you agree with Jase Robertson? Should there be more law abiding, gun owning, citizens? Or do we need to make strict gun laws. Or, is there an answer somewhere in between?