The Toughest Challenge Jase Robertson’s Children Had To Face


Back in 2013, the Robertsons were just learning how to handle the pressure of fame and visibility. For a little family from West Monroe, the responsibility of public life was overwhelming. Here’s what Jase Robertson had to say about how fame affected his kids.

Jase Robertson’s Kids

Jase Robertson is the father of Cole, Reed, and Mia. He’s also the loving husband to Missy Robertson and a loyal employee of his family’s business, Duck Commander. We grew to love Jase for his sarcasm, shenanigans, and spirit on Duck Dynasty. We also grew to love his family, as his children were often seen on the show.

Jase admitted that the fame of Duck Dynasty was daunting at first. He said, “I actually have a job making duck calls. So we have all these things going on. And the tough part is, where’s the time for the kids?…We have the maturity to realize fame is fleeting, and money is fleeting. What counts if you faith and your family.”

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Jase and Missy have always put their family first. They noticed right away that fame had put pressures on their children. Jase remembered, “It’s tough on kids. They get 100 tweets from girls saying they’re the best looking thing ever. Well they think, well am I really?”

Missy Robertson had also admitted that their daughter, Mia, had been the victim of cyberbullying. Mia was born with a cleft lip and palate. Missy said, ” She knows the questions people want to ask but don’t. She knows the mean comments people write on social media.”

How They Curb The Attention

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Thankfully, Missy and Jase have been able to help their children adjust to their new lifestyle. Jase said, “What I try to do everyday, no matter what’s happened, no matter where we’ve been, I try to make a conscious decision to have some kind of positive impact on their lives. What I realize is it’s not going to happen by accident. So no matter what kind of day I’ve had when I pull up in the yard I think okay, let’s go in here and go to work and try to be positive.”

Jase Robertson had a profound way of describing parenthood. He said, “That’s my primary responsibility of who I want to see in heaven.” We couldn’t have explained it better.