The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Series Began With An Unexpected Cultural Shock


When first filming Duck Dynasty, many fans assume the Robertsons were the ones adjusting to a new lifestyle. Afterall, they became household names nearly overnight. However, it seems the production crew were the ones to actually suffer the most culture shock.

The Robertsons In Hollywood

What makes the Robertsons so appealing is their uniqueness. They are unlike any other reality TV family. They beat to their own drum; they stick to their roots. You might assume that when fame hit they experienced a bout of growing pains. Afterall, going from the woods to Hollywood can be an unsettling transition. Yet, it seems they were just fine.

Jase Robertson even admitted that the Duck Dynasty crew had a much harder time than the family. He said, “It was a little bit of a culture shock when the crew showed up from LA. You would think it was a culture shock for us, but it was more of a culture shock for them. They looked around, we’re out in the woods, in the water, we’re singing songs to God, it was just…I think it was a culture shock.”

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Jase also admitted that the crew had hesitations about sharing the family’s faith. They weren’t sure how the family’s strict religion would fit in with mainstream media. They wanted to keep their prayers general, and not mention Jesus. “

What Makes It Work

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Jase Robertson has a pretty good idea of what made Duck Dynasty work. He expressed, “I think throughout this process they [the crew] realized that when you’re sincere and things are real- that’s what people want to see.”

He added, “I think there’s been a balance that has happened from the start of the episodes til now. When they first came down they were looking for the typical reality show…They met my Uncle Si and they thought you know what we’re gonna let this work. Because he is funny, all the time.”

Sounds like Uncle Si was the key to keeping the show interesting without adding in any family dysfunction. Do you agree with Jase Robertson? Is Duck Dynasty entertaining because of the family’s genuine nature?