Jase Robertson Shares His Secret Parenting Weapon


Jase Robertson is a great duck call craftsman. He’s also a great hunter. Yet still, he’s an even better father to Cole Reed and Mia.

Jase Robertson’s Responsibility

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Jase Robertson doesn’t take parenting lightly. He and Missy Robertson always strived to raise God-loving, kind, smart, and well-adjusted kids. 

When talking about parenting children in the spotlight, Jase made one of the most profound statements on parenting we have ever heard. He said of his kids, “That’s my primary responsibility on who I want to see in heaven.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Helping his children find their way to Christ is Jase’s number one priority.

Jase also admitted that parenting in the spotlight is tough. When Duck Dynasty began filming, Jase had a heavy schedule. He recalled, “the toughest thing about doing a TV show, and duck season every year is three months…I actually have a job making duck calls, so we have all these things going on. The tough part is where’s the time for your kids?” That’s nearly three full-time jobs Jase was juggling. 

However, Jase decided he wouldn’t make excuses for himself. He set out each day with a purpose of parenting intentionally. He said, “It’s been really tough…What I try to do is every day no matter what’s happened no matter where we’ve been, I try to make a conscious decision to have some positive impact on their lives. What I realized is it’s not going to happen by accident.”

He Takes A Moment

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Jase has a secret weapon when it comes to parenting in a positive way. He makes sure to take a moment before he walks into the house to collect himself. It’s a good idea for all parents to take a moment to remember what their intention is. Jase said, “No matter what kind of day I’ve had, when I pull up in the yard I think ‘okay, let’s go in here and go to work trying to be positive and make a lasting impression.”

Missy and Jase Robertson have certainly done a fine job raising Cole, Reed, and little Mia. Do you like Jase’s parenting advice?