What Jase Robertson Was Just Caught Doing Will Make You Smile (Try And Resist)



Duck Dynasty Son Blows a Kiss and Steals the Spotlight

Why do we love the Duck Dynasty show and Robertson family? Several reasons I can think of. For one they promote healthy living. And when I say healthy living, I mean living that is based on American values and good Christian ethics. Unlike many reality shows out there who live hedonistic lifestyles, the Duck Dynasty show and Robertson clan live by good practices and standards. These are just two of the many reasons the show has taken off so well.

On top of those two reasons, the Robertson family is funny as they come.

The episodes never cease to make me laugh and all while teaching about good living habits. As if the show wasn’t funny enough, the family is also funny in real life too. I know they’re supposed to be funny in real life, considering Duck Dynasty is a reality show, but that’s not that case with many other shows on TV. Why this matter is because DD is never scripted. All the wildness, antics and humor you’ve come to love by the Robertson family is them in their purest essence.

A good example of what I’m talking about occurred during a recent sports event. Jase Robertson was spotted at the Street League Skateboarding event where he was showing his support. Which is another reason to love the family. They do an absurd amount of charity work and are always in support of someone or something.

Anyway, while at the event Jase was spotted photo bombing a couple of beautiful women.

The two beauties looked to be reps for the uber popular, Monster energy drink. Unbeknownst to the two models, while they blew kisses, Jase could be spotted doing the same just behind them.

And he did it with huge smiles, he actually stole the camera and I suspect the two models had no idea. They most likely thought they were in the spotlight, even though the videographer/photographer was more concerned with getting a funny moment with Jase than getting a couple kissed blown at him from two gorgeous Monster models.

I know it’s not a big deal on the grand scheme of things, but in a world facing so many challenges, it’s important to have celebrities and people in the spotlight who keep a good attitude.

I’m sure when fame and fortune come, it can be hard at time to have fun with so many eyes on you. Jase seems to always keep a smile and good positive energy and that is yet one more reason to love the Duck Dynasty show and Robertson family. To show your support for Jase and the rest of the clan, please make sure to like and share this post to encourage the people at A&E to give us all one more season of DD!