Is Duck Dynasty a Family of Hypocrites?


phil roberstonWould it bother you to know that the Robertson men of Duck Dynasty did not have beards before their show? Why is it that fame causes some people to look for flaws and a reason to bring someone down?

For some, the idea that the Robertson men folk grew beards as part of their branding discredits them. The fact that Phil Robertson, and his son Willie are college educated, and ordained ministers, is more of a contrast to their image than growing a beard for a show. Truth is, all of the Robertson men are ordained ministers.

Reports also like to discredit the genuine wholesomeness of the show by pointing out that Patriarch Phil Robertson “spent eight full years” during his 20s drunk and high. His claim to fame is not that he is a virtuous man of God.

This is one of the most common charges against Christians. It also shows a complete lack of understanding as to what it means to be a “man of God.” Here’s what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that you were born sinless. That you never did anything wrong in your entire life. What it does mean, is that you acknowledge that you have done a lot of things wrong.

In most cases, that means doing the very things that are the exact opposite of what the bible teaches a man of God does.

Here’s the rub: You are forgiven, and you stop doing them.

That’s what makes Phil a man of God. Not that he has never sinned, but that he is forgiven of his sins. He preaches that forgives, and pleads for those to stop doing the very things that are ruining their lives. Such as drunkenness.

That’s the same for Phil and Kay’s marriage. It’s not a solid marriage because it has never had issues. It’s a good marriage because it survived the issues that befalls so many marriages today. Drug, alcohol, mental and physical abuse compounded by poverty were all a part of their early marriage. Not only did they overcome these ills, they now help others overcome them as well.

Uncle Si, America’s favorite crazy uncle has also had his share of hard knocks. He battled with alcohol. Because he has freely admitted this, he has drawn fire from cynics about his famous blue cup of tea.

When it comes down to it, wouldn’t he be more accepted if it were 80 proof? Let’s be real. Si would not be drawing any negative attention if he was the drunk crazy old uncle. But he’s not. He’s the sober, bible believing uncle that drinks a gallon of tea everyday–that’s hard for folks to believe.

The fact that they are not perfect, but they have overcome life’s obstacles doesn’t make them hypocrites. It makes them someone to emulate.