In The Woods With Phil Robertson Just Found A New Friend…


In The Woods With Phil has given Phil Robertson a new avenue to speak his mind. Now, CRTV is welcoming another outspoken conservative, Graham Allen to their channel. Subscriptions are sure to go through the roof with this dynamic duo.

In The Woods With Phil

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In the Woods With Phil promises to give viewers exactly what they’ve wanted all along- more of Phil Robertson exactly for who he is. No filter, no censor, just pure Phil speaking his mind. In previews for the show, Robertson said, “What does a man do when they try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse? I tell you what he does — he goes deep in the woods.”

The show fits a new form of media that some Americans are desperately craving. In the age of fake news and an over-saturated media, online streaming seems to be taking over. Viewers can pay a small fee to watch the shows they really want. They get to hear Phil Robertson’s thoughts firsthand, without any large corporate sponsors telling him what he can and cannot say.

So far the show seems to be a success. CRTV ran a special in honor of the new show. For just 10 dollars a month, you get access to the series, but that’s not all.

Graham Allen Joins CRTV

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Now Phil Robertson won’t be the only outspoken conservative speaking his mind on CRTV. Graham Allen will debut his own pilot series on the network twice a week starting March 29th. 

Allen’s rants on YouTube have amassed a huge following. Like Phil, he doesn’t want to be censored. He doesn’t want to be politically correct. He wants to call it like he sees it. The rant videos have over half a billion views, a likely reason for CRTV’s interest.

Allen said, “This is a show for every American who has always wanted to stand up and make their voice heard. If you think the way I think and feel the way I feel, but can’t speak up, I’ll say it for you!”

We have a feeling Graham Allen would get along with Phil Robertson, and if you like In The Woods With Phil, you should probably check out this new show too.