FIVE Hilarious Duck Dynasty Scenes You Totally Forgot About


It’s been a little over a year since Duck Dynasty left our airwaves. Though it’s been a difficult 365 days without new Robertson episodes, we’re lucky to have the internet to memorialize our favorite moments forever. Here are five hilarious Duck Dynasty scenes you totally forgot about.

1) Si Gives Martin Advice… As a Woman

In 2016 Martin was still single and looking to mingle. When the idea of internet dating comes about, Si is quick to tell the men whenever needed the world wide web to find a date. He said, “I’ve been around the block as they say, and hey I understand and know what the ladies like.”

Martin explains that he already has a date and Si takes it upon himself to set up an impromptu dress rehearsal. Complete with a feather boa and some method acting, Si acts as if he’s on a date with Martin. It’s enough to leave us in stitches.

Si’s best dating advice includes, “One you got her attention, with etiquette, then you’ve got to blow her away with words of enchantment.” Another great line of his; “Can I have directions, to your heart?” He also suggests talking about the woman more and earning the lady’s trust.

Is always creates the best, most hysterical moments. He really is a fantastic actor and an even funnier family member.

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