You’ve Got To See When Si Starts To Sing This Song For The Christmas Album


Duck The Halls, a Robertson family Christmas album, was released in 2013. It’s been our favorite Christmas album since. Some fans would even dub it the best Christmas album of all time. Check out this adorable video with tons of secrets about how the album came together.

Duck The Halls Christmas Album

Recently we found this cute video, featuring the Robertson family. The video shows off the process of creating the Duck Dynasty Christmas album back in 2013. We love how close-knit this family is, and how much fun they have working together.

Willie explained, “Someone actually approached me and said ‘What about a Christmas album?’ and I said yeah I’m open! And once the family was open to it, we went to work…I’d wanted to do something with Dallas Davis, who’s a good friend and also a really successful songwriter in Nashville.” The entire family got behind him and wanted to be featured. Well, the entire family except for one. 

Apparently, Phil Robertson was skeptical about the idea. He said, “Let’s do a Christmas album? Who dreamed that up? I said ‘We don’t want to do that.'” However, Jase was quick to point out that Phil didn’t think the TV show would be a good idea.

Recording The Songs

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The Duck The Halls Christmas album features quite a few classics. However, it also includes many new Christmas songs, written by Dallas Davis, in collaboration with the Robertsons. For example, “Hairy Christmas,” is basically “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” with a Robertson facial hair twist. There’s also  “Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas,” sung entirely by Willie Robertson. It isn’t exactly a holiday classic, but we sure do love it. 

Korie let fans in on a little secret. Apparently, Willie was pretty apprehensive about singing. She said, “He doesn’t get nervous about much, but he was nervous about this.” However, it seems Willie did pretty well. The album was wildly successful.

Jase Robertson was even impressed by his brother. Though he loves to make fun of his him, he said, “He shocked me with his singing ability, and his writing ability.”

Do you love the Duck The Halls Christmas album?