[REVEALED] Duck Dynasty Fact That Will Definitely Shock You


Ever wondered just how many injuries were caused on the Duck Dynasty set? After all, there seemed to be plenty of explosives, weapons, and shenanigans in every episode. However, now we’ve learned that Willie Robertson was the only cast member to ever need a medic. Pretty hard to believe.

Willie Robertson Injured on Duck Dynasty Set

It seems every single Duck Dynasty episode involved explosives, guns, and the outdoors. That’s why it’s so hard to believe that Willie Robertson was the only person who ever needed medical attention while filming the show.

While appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Willie and Korie were asked to share a few secrets from the Duck Dynasty set. Korie spilled, “I was thinking we should tell about all of your injuries on set. You’re the only person on Duck Dynasty that we have ever had to call a medic for.” Of course, Willie retorted right back, “I’m the only one that does full action scenes.”

Willie shared that he had to be taken to the doctor twice during production. He blew his ankle out while wrestling in The Wrestling Roberstons, an episode from Season 5. In the scene, Willie, Jase, Godwin, and Martin start to wrestle in a carnival ring. Korie joked, “I have no seen Willie exercise this much since he stopped doing the Tai Bo videos in the living room.” Willie said, “that wasn’t my fault.”

Willie has also suffered quite a few falls from the show. He said, “I fell running from an alligator, I fell running from a opossum.” Apparently, Phil had thrown the opossum on his son. Talk about hilarious.

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