Jessica Robertson is a cast member of the hit reality show Duck Dynasty. She recently celebrated her birthday…and things didn’t go quite as planned!

The Big 3-6

Calvary Jessica web pic 3.16photo by

Jessica Robertson turned 36 on November 12th. The Duck Dynasty beauty is known for her fashionable style, and polished look. She also has a heart of gold, and is the mother of 5. This year is surely one to celebrate as Jessica added to her growing family. The newest addition to the Robertson gang, Gus, was adopted this year. The adoption was broadcast on Jessica and her husband, Jep’s spin-off TV series: “Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.”

Wine and Cheese Kinda Night

photo by @jessicaduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @jessicaduckwife via

Jessica posted an Instagram photo of a charcuterie board and wine. Her caption thanks her friends and family for their many “Happy Birthday” wishes. Jessica also pointed out that she is a very blessed woman, and is grateful for all she has. She never misses an opportunity to thank her God, and used the hashtag #mycuprunnethover. She also hashtagged #senseswine. However, it was unclear whether the post was sponsored by the brand.

Fun Facts about Jessica

Some Duck Dynasty fans may not know that Jessica had a career before her reality TV days. According the Duck Commander website, the Duck wife has her real estate license. She is also an author. Jessica Co-wrote The Good The Bad and The Grace of God, with her husband Jep Robertson. She also contributed to the Women of Duck Commander, written by her sister-in-laws and mother in law. Jessica also has her own line of jewelry called “Calvary Jewelry.” The line is available at Dillard’s. The pieces are created with sterling silver and semi-precious stones.  

Sister-In-Law Shout Out

photo by @bosshogswife via instagram.comphoto by @bosshogswife via

Jessica’s sister-in-law, Korie Robertson, posted this funny snapshot of Jessica and Uncle Si taking part in some sort of classic Robertson antics. Korie admitted she wasn’t exactly sure what was going on in the photo, but she sent all her love to the birthday girl! As you can see, The Robertsons are a tight-knit family and they constantly support each other on social media and in the press.




This Party’s on Fire!

photo by @jessicaduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @jessicaduckwife via

Jessica may have gone a bit too far in her celebrations! On the day after her birthday the Duck wife admitted in an Instagram post that she tried to start a small fire in her backyard fire pit. However, the flames seem to have gone wild while she turned a blind eye. The caption of the photo states “Jep is not going to be happy with me when he gets home,” and hashtagged #sorrybabe. We think Jep will probably cut his lady some slack- considering the Duck Commander employees known habit of lighting things on fire!

Happy Birthday Jessica!


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