Five Duck Dynasty Episodes That Prove Miss Kay Is The Best, Kookiest Grandma Out There


Miss Kay loves her grandbabies and her doggies more than anything in the world. That is, except for Phil Robertson. The pair has been married over 50 years and their love has produced one of the most well-known families in reality TV. Here are five Duck Dynasty episodes that proved Miss Kay is a saint, but also a bit cooky.

Miss Kay on Marriage and Parenting

Miss Kay has been through a lot. For one, she married Phil Robertson when she was only 16 years old. The couple quickly became pregnant with their oldest son, Alan. Phil wasn’t there for Miss Kay in the way she needed him. He was more interested in sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. However, she stood by her man. She prayed for him and eventually led him to Jesus.

Phil isn’t the only man who’s been blessed by Kay’s patience. With four boys and no little girl of her own, Kay had to pack up her dreams of being the mother of a girly girl. There were no doll houses or sewing projects to tend to. Instead, she got a gaggle of boys, willing and ready to prank their mama at any moment. 

She Always Wanted Girls

Of course, that makes for a happy household and Miss Kay does love her guys. She remembers, “They did put bullfrogs in my bathtub as a surprise for me one night. Yes they did put lizards in the bath tub. They have several surprises for me… I think we were always a comedy family, before we became America’s comedy family.”

Thankfully, Miss Kay now has her many granddaughters to tend to. She said, “the fact that I have grandaughters, and I have a lot of them too, there are the baby dolls I got to enjoy with them…” She also understands that God probably knew what she was doing. Kay explained, “I dreamed all my life about having daughters. And what happened? God makes a joke and gives me four sons. But you know, with the dad that we had- Phil. I just thought, I kinda understand why he didn’t give me those girls.”

Because Kay’s roles as a mother, grandmother, and wife brought her into the Duck Dynasty plot quite a bit, we figured we’d remember our favorite Duck Dynasty episodes involving the Robertson matriarch. Some of the best ones involve Miss Kay being silly.

1) Kay Teaches Us All to Cook

One thing Kay is known for worldwide is her delicious cooking. In the very first episode of Duck DynastyFamily Funny Business, Korie and Willie head to Kay and Phil’s house to film a cooking tutorial DVD. In this episode, we were just getting to know the family but we could already tell we loved them. Between Kay saying, “Making up pie crust is a lot like cooking…” when she meant sewing, and Phil not knowing a certain measurement for ingredients, we knew we had ourselves a reality show meant for success. We love this quote from Miss Kay, “I basically feel like I’ve been running a restaurant for a lot of years… except nobody pays.” 

2) Can’t Hardly Wait

In the episode Can’t Hardly Wait, we see Miss Kay’s crazy and fun relationship with her many dogs. Phil explains, “Miss Kay is a dog lover, and she will talk to them in a kind loving motherly way. I just whip their butt.” Kay’s doggy baby talk is a lot to handle. It’s hard not to start laughing when she gets on a roll.

One fascinating aspect to Miss Kay’s dog-loving- she renames her dogs after they pass away. She’s had a Bobo dog for many many years. After they die, she’ll get a new identical dog and name it the exact same thing. That’s definitely out of the ordinary.

3) Mo Math Mo Problems

We were introduced to Miss Kay’s hoarding tendencies in the earlier Duck Dynasty episodes. However, in Season 7 episode 6, Mo Math Mo Problems, we’re reminded of just how bad Miss Kay’s habit is. We argue this makes her more endearing. Who doesn’t have a grandmother with a whole house of old junk? Usually, amidst the junk, there are a few treasures to be found.

We love the episode particularly because we get to see Miss Kay and Phil flirt a bit. While going through Miss Kay’s things she finds an old charm bracelet from their high school days, and a photo of Phil back when he had a black beard. Miss Kay is sweet and says she likes the old grey beard better. Phil then teases her back, and you can tell she genuinely loves him. After all these years, they’re still giggling and playing and we find that so refreshing.

4) Going Bowlin’

In this episode, we see Miss Kay take Sadie and John Luke bowling. We love how even in her older age Kay is always up for anything. Kay says she was quite the bowler in her day and can hardly contain her excitement.

Miss Kay said, “You know my grandmother never used to go out with me when I was younger. That’s why I try to be open to new things when it comes to my grandkids. I just love being around them.” It gets even funnier when Kay notices some of the girls have a crush on John Luke. She decides to be his wingman (like any good grandmother would) but she starts talking about John Luke’s toe fungus. Talk about hilarious.

Things get even weirder when Kay decides she needs to bring up the sex talk in front of Sadie John Luke and their friends. She says, “Well  let me just give you some little pointers about it…” Talk about cringe. But we can’t help but laugh as hard as possible at this scene.

5) Shot Thru The Heart

Speaking of Kay’s dog-loving tendencies, she took things a step further when she hired a pet photographer. The man named Seth didn’t exactly seem like Phil’s type of guy but Kay was loving the attention. She loves her dogs like family and wanted them to be remembered as such. 

We love just how unique and zany Miss Kay can be. Any episode that features the matriarch of the Robertson family is a favorite of ours. What are your favorite Miss Kay moments over the years?