How the Robertson Family Stays True Despite Their Fame


It’s not hard to find the personal wreckage of fame. In everyday America, we see individuals, children and families that rise to fame and fortune. We fall in love with them. Stars like Elvis, Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston climb up the ladder of stardom and into our homes and hearts. Then fall to a sad demise. How can Duck Dynasty fans, those who love the Robertsons know that is not going to happen to this family?

Duck Dynasty Teaches Proper ParentingIn a interview with Sadie and Korie Robertson at Liberty University, the mother and daughter gave the audience, and all their fans, a little hope and understanding. They both explain, just why it is that we don’t have to fear the same fate for America’s favorite redneck family.

“There is no handbook for when all of a sudden your husband’s face is on, like, toddler underwear. And like, there is a ‘Willie’ Chia Pet.”

Korie told the crowd roaring with laughter. 

You have to admit, that is a strange turn of events in anyone’s life.

But then Korie goes on to explain that, before any of this took place, their family sat down together. They prayed.

“God, if this comes between our faith or our family in any way just take it away.” That has been the Robertson family prayer since the very beginning.

“If this is your will, then let it happen. If it’s not, if in any way this hurts our faith or family–then take it away.”

In another meeting, presumably after they had decided that this was the course their family would take. In that meeting they decided that they needed a “catch phrase.”

You might be familiar with this. It is a phrase, that makes no sense to someone else–outside of the family. But for those inside the family, it has a profound meaning. Sort of your own family’s secret code word. That way, you can say one thing in public–and it means something entirely different in private.

That’s what the entire Robertson family did before they started the show, according to Korie.

It was Uncle Si, (which explains a lot) who came up with their family signal.

“Remember the Alamo.”

So if anyone in the family just “goes off the rails” and forgets who they are. Or they forget what is really important, someone is to tell them, “Remember the Alamo.”

They all had little magnets made that said, “Remember the Alamo.” This says to the Robertsons, fame is fleeting. They were called to faith not fame.

This little button reminds them, to always remember who they are. And what is the core of their lives, their faith and family–before and after Duck Dynasty.