Guess What Si Robertson’s New Music Venture Is All About


Si Robertson is probably the most eccentric member of the Robertson family. Unlike his brother Phil, who is quite serious, Si always seems ready for a joke. He takes on new projects, embraces change, and even loves to sing. Now he’s got an entirely new project in the works. It’s a band called Uncle Si And The Sicotics.

Everyone’s Favorite Uncle

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Uncle Si is undeniably the best part of Duck Dynasty. The brother of Phil Robertson, Si has worked at Duck Commander for most of his life. Before that, he served in the Vietnam War. Si ads comic relief and hilarity to every episode of Duck Dynasty. However, he almost wasn’t even a cast member.

Willie Robertson told Parade that Si almost wasn’t even apart of the series. He explained, “The original concept of the show was all the couples and there was one person missing, which was Uncle Si. He wasn’t even on the list and I called up and said ‘Y’all need to look at my uncle– he’s really crazy.’ It’s funny that he wasn’t really in the show, and now you can’t imagine the show without Si.” That was definitely the right move. We’re not sure the show would have been as successful without him.

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