90% Of Fans Didn’t Know This Fact About Miss Kay’s Life Before Duck Dynasty


True Duck Dynasty fans know there’s a lot more to Miss Kay Robertson than meets the eye. Though she is painted to be a sweet, and perhaps flighty, wife on the series, this woman has helped share Duck Commander to what it is today. Here’s what she has had to say about her life before Duck Dynasty

Missy Kay Robertson

Miss Kay Robertson grew up in a 300 person town in Louisiana. She said, “We’ve got one red light…We’re so proud of that light.” The famous grandmother got her maternal inspiration at an early age. Her grandmother always had food cooking, and she remembers her house as a place of hospitality. 

Perhaps that is where Miss Kay got her inspiration. Today Miss Kay has sold many cookbooks, cooking DVDs, and even has her own bakery.

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However, Kay has also gone through quite a bit. Many fans know that Phil Robertson was at one time addicted to drugs and alcohol.

He even had an affair when the couple’s sons were very young. In an interview, Kay said, “I don’t want anyone to stay through an abusive thing. And I had some abuse there, so that was one thing…It was only when he was drunk…the words were the worst…but I’m not saying he didn’t do anything physical.”

Miss Kay chose to stay with Phil and watched him recover. She even said, “I’m convinced that if I hadn’t stayed with him, he would be dead.” 

Phil credits the Lord and his Christian faith for his recovery.

The Early Duck Call Days

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Miss Kay was also an influential part of Duck Commander’s beginnings. She recalls that the early Duck Commander days weren’t quite as glamorous as the present day Duck Dynasty

Phil and Miss Kay would have their four sons help out with inventory. She recalled, “I’d be rolling pie dough, and answering Duck Commander, and I’d have a little pad and pencil writing things down. My kids would come in from school and sit down on the floor in front of the TV. [They would] line up duck call boxes and put the stickers on the duck calls and then put them in the boxes.”

Miss Kay Robertson is undoubtedly an influential woman, with a rich history to explore. 

Did you know these facts about everyone’s favorite Grandmother?