John Luke Robertson Reveals Why He’s Marrying At The Young Age Of 19


John Luke Robertson made headlines when he proposed to his girlfriend Mary Kate right out of high school. The Robertsons have a reputation for marrying young but 19 still seems so early. Here’s what the star has said about the experience since.

Mary Kate and John Luke Robertson

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Mary Kate and John Luke Robertson attend Liberty University in Virginia. The private Christian school is located in the mountains and is the perfect place for these two Godly individuals to be studying. The couple have been married for over 2 years now. They wed in the summer of 2015 in front of their entire families, and millions of Duck Dynasty viewers. 

John Luke says marriage at such a young age is really fun. He explained that the couple is able to build a life together, rather than merge two already preexising lives. He said, “Just being able to be with her everyday… going to college with her, building a house and moving into a house with her, that’s just been so fun.” They also have one rule that seems to keep their relationship strong. John Luke explained, “We always have dinner together, that’s the staple. No matter what’s going on, what we are doing, we always have dinner together … [Also] at night, we do school work and whatever else we are working on.” Those Duck Dynasty family dinner traditions never die.

The Only Hard Part

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John Luke does admit that too much togetherness can be a bad thing. He told reporters, “one of the hardest parts has been being with her all the time. When you are dating, you get into a fight, you can go to your separate houses and think about it. When you’re married, where are you gonna go?”

Mary Kate Robertson says marrying John Luke was the best day of her life. She said, “we remember the whole day…from beginning to end, and the best part is we enjoyed each and every moment of it.”

We’re glad to hear this couple is doing well, and wish them forever a lifetime of happiness. Can you imagine getting married so young?