Duck Dynasty Themed Jack O’ Lantern Ideas for Your Best Halloween Yet!

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-31

What’s The Latest Trend in Halloween Decorations? Duck Dynasty Themed Jack o’ Lanterns!

A true Duck Dynasty fan will hear the term “Hey Jack!” and immediately picture Uncle Si holding a plastic cup and grinning ear to ear.  However, this time of year the term “Jack” takes on a new meaning- the Jack o’ Lantern!

Christian and Pagans Come Together

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The Robertson Family and Duck Dynasty cast are known for their fierce Christian faith and family values, so it’s not surprising that they love to celebrate Halloween.  Halloween is both a pagan and Christian holiday combined.  According to Halloween came about when Christian missionaries colonized Pagan societies.  In an attempt to converge the two cultures they combined “All Saints Day” with other Pagan rituals, and Halloween was born!  In Duck Dynasty’s Episode “Quack O Lantern,” Phil Robertson states, “Even an old Pagan holiday like Halloween?  It ain’t that bad.”

The History of the Jack O’ Lantern

Photo By Mary McGinn
Photo By Mary McGinn

Jack O’ Lanterns originate from Irish folklore.  The tradition of carving faces into turnips and potatoes was believed to fend off evil spirits and demons.  When Irish immigrants made their way to America they found an abundance of orange pumpkins.  The texture and size of the pumpkins meant easier carving, and the Jack O’ Lantern was born!  Use this Uncle Si themed Jack O’Lantern as inspiration when carving your own pumpkin this year.  Complete with a fake beard and funny sign, it’s sure to ward off any non-believers from your stoop!


Quack O Lantern Inspiration

Photo by A&
Photo by A&

Phil Robertson wasn’t shy when expressing his love of carving pumpkins to his grandkids.  On the hit A&E show Phil told his children, “Anything that involves a lot of knife work, it’s a good thing.”  

Phil’s advice to you would be, “Think of this as a big fat Mallard Duck!”  Anyone who’s ever carved a Jack knows that it’s a pretty messy process, but the Patriarch of the Robertson family believes it’s good training for the important things in life.  “Gutting a duck is a particular skill that every man woman and child should know,” Robertson states, “Of course it’s not Duck season yet, but we do have a lot of pumpkins!”

How To Create Your Own Robertson Inspired Pumpkin

If you want to create a similar Robertson themed pumpkin,

Photo By Rick Payette/Flickr
Photo By Rick Payette/Flickr

print out a picture or drawing of the famous family.  Place the picture against your pumpkin, and using a sharp pencil, outline the drawing.  This should create markings in the pumpkin’s skin that you can use as a guide to carve.  You’re sure to scare your neighbors- and maybe even a few Ducks!


Finish It Off With A Bang

If you really want to commit to your Duck Dynasty themed Jack O’ Lantern, you’ll need a shotgun!  When the youngest grandchildren told Miss Kay and Phil they didn’t think their pumpkin was scary enough, Phil took matters into his own hands.

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 He gave the Jack O Lantern a beard with a bullet!  “Now that is how you carve a pumpkin!” He exclaimed.  Leave it to the Robertsons to put their own spin on this age old holiday tradition!

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