Duck Dynasty Si Robertson’s New Business Idea Is A Lot Of Crazy

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During the second episode of Season 11 of Duck Dynasty, Si Robertson, otherwise known as Uncle Si, debuted a particularly crazy business idea. You’ll have to taste it to believe it.

John Luke Needed Help

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It all started when John Luke admitted his “Ice Cabin” snow cone business didn’t do very well in the winter.

When Willie questioned why the drop in sales, John Luke said, “I think it’s because it’s cold outside.” John Luke told Willie he thought soup would be a great addition to the business during the cold months. We can’t help but agree with his logic, but Uncle Si took it a bit too far.

“Sweat Equity”

Si heard the soup idea and wanted to run with it. “This is revolutionary!” Uncle Si exclaimed, “Hey look, you heat ’em up with soup, and then they gotta buy more snow cones to cool off.”

This logic made perfect sense to eccentric Uncle Si. He decided he wanted to invest in the company and help John Luke Robertson spear head the operation. Instead of equity, however, he wanted to offer “sweat equity.” “

John Luke explained to Willie, “He said sweat equity was actually better than equity.” It was unclear exactly what Si meant by sweat equity, but it appeared he was referring to his own brain power and manual labor. “My soup investment comes with a side order of Si-got it.”

Si babbled on, “Si-dance, if you will — don’t mind if I do, thank you very much.” It’s never really clear where the phrases that come out of Si Robertson’s mouth come from.

You Can’t Change a Classic

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Uncle Si didn’t just start to work at the snow cone stand. He decided to change quite a few things. He wanted to mix the idea of snow cones and soup.

“People always say you can’t change a classic,” Uncle Si said. “To those people, this is what I have to say, “Try this Pina Collada Clam Chowder.”

Si came up with quite a few creative soup-and-snow-cone combinations.


Uncle Si’s Simmering Snow-Cone Selections

Collado Clam Chowder

Cherry Noodle Soup

Cream of Collada

Key Lime Chowder


Tooti-frooti Tortilla

And yes, each flavor is exactly as it sounds — soups mixed with sweet icey snow cones. But do you really think they sound appealing? I’m not sure if I could eat one. 

Taste Testers

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Uncle Si had a few Robertson family members try his concoctions. Sadie Robertson and Mary Kate Robertson tried the soupy snow cones. Immediately, similar looks of disdain washed across their faces. Si’s recipes didn’t seem to pass the appetizing taste test. 

We don’t predict the “Snow Cone and Soup” collaboration will take off any time soon. However, it does make for good television. And as Uncle Si says, “There’s no business like snow business!”

Would you dare a taste of Uncle Si’s concoctions? Which ones would you try?