5 Bizarre Duck Dynasty Secrets You Never Knew


Want the inside scoop on your favorite reality TV series? We’ve got all the Duck Dynasty secrets you could ever want right here.

Duck Dynasty Secrets You Never Knew

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As Duck Dynasty fans we feel we know absolutely everything there is to know about the Robertsons. We’ve read their books, watched every episode, and follow them on all social media platforms. However, it’s crazy to think that there are still things we’re learning about this family each day.

Our first Duck Dynasty secret is that Willie Robertson was the only man to ever need a medic called to the set. That’s pretty hard to believe, considering the dangerous stunts and shenanigans the men were constantly pulling on the show. We guess they just know what they’re doing when it comes to explosives and firearms. 

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Willie blew out his ankle while wrestling his brothers for one episode in particular. He also fell when Phil Robertson threw an opossum at him unexpectedly. Talk about a wild injury story.

Did you also know that Willie was offered a coveted position on Survivor? Considering he’s the only Robertson to manage to get injured on the DD set, we think it was a smart move to turn the network down.

The third secret we just can’t believe is that Phil Robertson does not own a cell phone. Despite being a highly popular pop-culture icon, Phil Robertson has never used the internet and doesn’t own a phone. In The Woods With Phil is only viewable online… pretty ironic.

How Jep and Jessica Met

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Jep and Jessica Robertson have a little secret of their own. The Robertson men have always given Jep and hard time about how he fusses with his hair. He shampoos, conditions, combs, and trims meticulously. However, the obsession worked in his favor. Jep and Jessica actually met through a mutual hairstylist. They both found themselves in the salon at the same time, and the rest is history.

Finally, this one takes the cake. The producers of Duck Dynasty expected the women to be just as outdoorsy as the men. Korie explained that show’s initial pitch included her own hunting. She recalls, “They said, ‘The show would start out with the wives waking up at dawn and going varmint hunting to get meat for dinner.’ I said, ‘Whoa. hold on, you’ve got the wrong wives!’

Did you know any of these Duck Dynasty secrets?