Duck Dynasty Season 11 Episode 5: RECAP


Duck Dynasty’s Season 11 Episode 5 finds the Robertson family separated with the wives and children traveling to Uganda. And as we know, while the duck wives are away, the men will play.


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The episode began with the men on a quest to track a bear on the Robertson land. A discrepancy about tracking led the men to challenge each other to a “Manhunt.” Willie and Jep would be preyed on by Si and Jase Robertson. Godwin and Martin served as referees for the most dangerous game.

Willie’s Betrayal

The goal for the brothers was to reach the South East deer stand before Si or Jase could shoot a net gun at them. When the men got too close for comfort, Willie decided to abandon his little brother. He tricked Jep into running into plain eye sight. Poor baby Jep was captured instantly, after realizing his older brother had betrayed him. Vengeance was in order.

Willie’s Decoy

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Willie didn’t stop there. He pulled out all the stops to make sure he would win. Jase gunned down a Willie look-a-like in the woods. After walking up to the captured creature, he realized Willie had hired his personal assistant John David. John David was dressed exactly like Willie. He even adorned Willie’s signature American flag bandana. As Jase stood in disbelief Willie stole the golf cart.


Willie pulled up to the deer stand ready to claim victory. As Jase appeared he began to gloat. However, Martin pointed out that the rules stated he had to touch the deer stand. In a mad dash to do so, Jase emerged and captured his boss of a brother. Looks like Jase was victorious after all.

A Family That Prays Together

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While the men were playing their silly game, the women and children were serving with the Help One Now organization in Uganda. The episode was split in half between the two story lines and ended with a split screen of the families praying from across the world. No matter where they go, the Robertsons are always taking the time to pray and have fun as a family.