Miss Kay and Godwin Go Head To Head With Si Robertson

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The Duck Dynasty cast all had a bit of good fun on Uncle Si’s spin-off series, Going Si-ral. Miss Kay, Godwin, and Martin stopped by to play a viral video game with Uncle Si and Willie. Here’s what went down when this motley crew got together.

Pick The Hit

The game is played each week on Going Si-ral. It’s entitled “Pick The Hit,” and revolves around viral videos from the internet. The group watches two separate viral videos, and then each person guesses who has the most views. It’s entertaining to hear what each Duck Dynasty cast member has to say, and why they think each video will be more popular. This is an eccentric group, their opinions are always interesting in the least.

“I’m Ready Like Spaghetti”

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The game started off on a high note as Si Robertson proclaimed, “I’m ready like spaghetti!” We’ll add that to our list of favorite Si Robertson catch phrases. Of course, self-proclaimed food lover John Godwin had to agree, Spaghetti is always a good idea. Finally, this easily distracted crew got to the game.

Girl On Rollercoaster 

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The first clip featured a girl and her father riding an amusement park ride. As the ride got higher and higher the girl began to scream and shake. She was clearly terrified, but the dad couldn’t help but laugh. Finally, the girl passed out on the ride. She immediately lost all animation and slumped in her seat, only to be awakened in horror as the ride went up again. The entire Duck Dynasty cast couldn’t help but laugh.

This next viral video is a bit alarming. A man was asleep in his…

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