Duck Dynasty News: Willie Robertson Says He Accidentally Endorsed Trump


Willie Robertson seems to be all over Fox News these days. He is constantly being asked about his ties to President-elect Donald Trump. Willie recently gave Robert Samuel a glimpse into what his first meeting with Trump was like. This Duck Dynasty news is nothing to quack about.

Willie Didn’t Mean to Endorse Trump

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In a recent podcast of The Contributing Factor, Willie Robertson admitted his initial endorsement of Donald Trump was not premeditated. Willie happened to be in Oklahoma City with his son when he heard that Trump was having a rally at the state fair near by. Willie wanted to go hear the man for himself. He called his friend, the President-elect’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and set up a meeting. The pair actually met in a bus for the first time. Willie recalls Trump saying, “This crowd’s huge! Even for you Willie!”

Do You Love Trump?

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Willie didn’t have any intention of coming on stage. He wanted to hide in the stairwell. Initially, Trump didn’t mention Willie being there, and the Duck Commander thought he was in the clear. Then, thirty minutes into Trump’s speech at the rally, he asked where Willie was and pulled him on stage.

Willie was unprepared to speak. As he came up to the stage, Trump said, “I’ve got one question for you Willie, “Do you love Trump?” Willie had no idea what to say. He recalls shouting out, “Well I do like me some Trump.” He also pointed out the two men had three things in common: reality TV, business, and attractive wives.

Backlash The Next Morning

Willie recalled that as soon as he got off the stage his phone began blowing up. Korie Robertson, Willie’s wife, called him asking what he had just done. Willie admits he hadn’t meant to publicly endorse Trump in that moment. However, the media started to say he had. Others questioned whether the phrase “I like me some Trump,” counted as an official endorsement.

Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal, the 55th governor of Louisiana, is someone Willie Robertson calls a friend of the Robertson family. Jindal has even been featured on Duck Dynasty. For a brief time, he was a Republican primary candidate. Willie told The Contributing Factor that Jindal called Willie the next morning after his initial public sighting with Trump. Willie had to explain how everything had happened. Jindal dropped out of the race a few days later, which Willie said made his life “a lot easier.”

Trump Won His Full Support

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Eventually, Trump won Willie over completely. Willie even spoke at the Republican National Convention in July. Willie said he had met a lot of politicians and most of them “were like wax figures.” Willie has noted Trump’s authenticity many times since their initial meeting — seems like he’s even more impressed now that they know each other well.