SHOCK ANNOUNCEMENT: Duck Dynasty Star Reveals She Had An Abortion


Recently Missy Robertson made headlines when she equated abortion to murder in a controversial blog post. Fans have known for quite some time that the majority of the Duck Dynasty family is pro-life. However, there is one factor that complicates things a bit- Lisa Robertson’s past abortion.

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The Duck Dynasty family is often praised for their honesty and candid approach to public life. Many of the Robertson couples have written tell-all books. In their books, they describe past indiscretions including adultery, drugs, sexual abuse, and even abortion. These days the family sticks to a strict moral code and life of faith, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Phil Robertson, in particular, has a dark past. His wife Miss Kay has explained that Phil wasn’t always the bible-carrying man he is today. Jessica and Jep each have similar stories, with past lives in the partying scene. However, perhaps the most compelling story of change belongs to Alan and Lisa Robertson.

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In Alan and Lisa Robertson’s book, the couple admits to past love affairs and Lisa’s abortion. Lisa recounts how she now regrets the abortion she had at 17 years old. When asked why she decided to share her story she said, “I thought it was important to include because there are people out there who this has happened to…I had one girl tell me she has cried herself to sleep just about every night for the last 25 years after having an abortion, and nobody else knows about it….So I thought it was a very unique thing for somebody who is in our position to say, “Look, I did this. And you can find healing and comfort from Jesus in it….”

Missy Robertson’s Harsh Words

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The Duck Dynasty family is known for sticking together and backing each other up. That’s why we’re curious about the relationship between Missy and Lisa Robertson after hearing both of their opinions on the topic.

While Lisa did not specifically say whether she is pro-choice or pro-life, she certainly didn’t equate her abortion to murder- like her sister-in-law did. Missy wrote in her blog, “Webster’s Dictionary defines the word kill to mean: “to deprive of life: cause the death of.” The United States of America made history in Roe vs. Wade when we forever changed our nation’s moral code. Killing is legal before a baby takes her first breath but not after.”

There’s certainly a complicated dynamic going on in the Duck Dynasty family. We hope they are showing each other compassion, and discussing issues in a civil way.