How Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson Deals with Cheating Spouse

Alan Robertson
Screenshot Lisa and Alan Robertson Interview

You might know him as the beardless brother. He is the oldest of the Robertson sons. His name is Alan.

In his teenage years he got pretty wild. Like his father before him, he ran around and drank. What’s not so widely known, is that at one time, Phil Robertson kicked his teenaged son out of the house.

Looking back, Alan told a Randy Robison on Life Today, that he believed it was the right thing to do. Of course, he didn’t see it that way at the time. But something else happened during those years that would impact his adult life–and his marriage.

Alan and Lisa met in high school. Although she had loved him since she was in sixth grade, he didn’t notice her until their teen years. But Alan wasn’t quite the catch Lisa thought he was at that time.

Instead, he was just another man, who used her. He told her that if she loved him, she would sleep with him. This only fed into the deeply hidden secret lie Lisa believed. That her purpose on earth was only to please men.

Their teenaged romance didn’t last.

What did last was the internal scars left on Lisa from the line of sexual abuse and encounters she had.

After Alan “came home” as he puts it, the two got back together, and later married. Alan became a minister of a church, which they served in together.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t enough to cove the past hurts. Fifteen years later, Lisa had an affair. When she confessed what was going on in her life, Alan kicked her out of their home.

Devastated, Lisa said she had nothing left. Everything she had was linked to their family, their church family, and even Alan’s family.

That was when she went into their backyard and cried out to God. She realized, that even though she was a minister’s wife, she had not given herself to God. He was not the Lord of her life. Instead, she had made Alan the center of her life.

When Lisa came to the point when she could tell God that whether or not her and Alan got back together, she knew it would be ok–because she had Him. Soon after, she and Alan started seeing a counselor.

Through counseling and deep study of the Bible with strong, close friends willing to pray for her and her marriage, Lisa began to understand. Although she takes full responsibility for all of her actions, she began to see how her wounds played a part in shaping her view of herself, and her marriage.

Today, 15 years later, they are stronger than ever. They’re also helping other couples find their way to hope and healing even in infidelity.