You Definitely Forgot About This Unseen Duck Dynasty Scene…


With Thanksgiving over, we’ve jumped into Christmas mode. There’s no better way to kick off the Holiday season than by remembering our favorite Duck Dynasty Christmas episodes.

Duck Dynasty Christmas Shenanigans

The Duck Dynasty Christmas episode we love to revisit is I’m Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas. This episode aired in season 2 and reminded us just how zany Uncle Si really is.

This episode has everything a good Duck Dynasty episode needs. There’s Willie doing something embarrassing, Si being crazy, and lovely holiday cheer.

Korie volunteered Willie to dress up as Santa for the kids at church. We think this makes perfect sense- Willie already has the Santa beard…and the belly to go with it. However, Jase refused to dress up as Willie’s elf. Thankfully Si wanted to participate.

Things start off rocky when Si shows up holding all of the toys in a garbage bag. Korie really can’t mask the shock on her face. Doesn’t this man know anything about Christmas presentation?

Of course, to make matters worse, Willie’s fake beard (on top of his real beard) wouldn’t even fool a kindergartener. “There’s nothing suspect about this at all,” Willie jokes, “Just your typical Christmas scene.” Si is wearing his usual camouflage get up and holding his plastic glue cup. However, he did commit to wearing the pointy elf ears and hat. We can give him props for that.

Si With Children

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The best part about this episode? Uncle Si interacting with children. Pretty much anything Si gets involved in is hilarious, but this was particularly amusing. One little girl asked “Santa” how long it took him to travel from the North Pole. Si answered, “It was okay til we lost on of the reindeer. One of them had a heart attack, pulling that heavy sled. But that’s okay we ate on him for three days.”

Willie put it best when he said, “Bringing Si along to help is like playing Russian Roulette, most of the time it’s okay. But when it’s not, boy you better duck.”

What’s your favorite Duck Dynasty Christmas episode?