EXPLODING: What Every Duck Fan Ought To Know About The “Censorship” Scandal On A&E


Recently Phil Robertson has brought up the issues he had with the Duck Dynasty censorship. The Robertson patriarch feels that he was filtered and censored while appearing on A&E’s hit show.

Duck Dynasty Censorship

For many years the Robertson family has talked about the Duck Dynasty censorship. The family was met with resistance when they first began to pray “In Jesus’ Name” on the show. Hollywood producers and network CEOs weren’t sure that the public would respond positively to such a candid representation of faith.

However, we all know now that the Robertson’s faith is a part of their draw. Fans flocked to the show BECAUSE of its Christian values and premise, not despite it. Phil recalled, “I said, ‘You Hollywood cats are counting time by Jesus just like I am.’ I would think that out of all of the people that walk planet Earth, if we’ve all decided in America to count time by just one of them, Jesus of Galilee, I don’t think it hurts to throw his name in there from time to time. So I noticed now, every once in awhile, they’re leaving it in there.”

Secondly, Phil Robertson explained that back in the day producers didn’t know what to do with such a wholesome family. He explained that editors “inserted fake bleeps, like someone had used profanity, but no one had used profanity.” Phil also pointed out, “If you want that, you can get all that you want, just turn the station. There’s plenty of that. If we’re not using profanity…what is the point!”

A New Show

Phil Robertson recently once again alluded to the censorship he felt on Duck Dynasty. Phil will appear in a new show called Phil In the Woods. He had one stipulation before agreeing to the show. He explained, “I told the guys…I said if we do this, let’s have it to where there’s no filter between myself and the public that I’m speaking to. None of these people who say ‘okay we’ll only sponsor you if you say this say that.’ That’s how they are manipulating the system. ‘We’ll sponsor you as long as you say something that agrees with our ideology. You stray on centimeter off of that, and you’re out.'”

Do you believe the Duck Dynasty censorship allegations, and do you think Phil In the Woods will truly be different?