HUGE: The Duck Dynasty Cast Just Went Somewhere We NEVER Thought We’d See Them Before…


One Help Now

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The Duck Dynasty women, John Luke, and some of the children recently traveled to Uganda to complete mission work with the organization One Help Now. Here’s what they had to say about their journey.

The Men Stayed Behind

Duck Dynasty
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The men of Duck Dynasty stayed behind from this trip. The duck wives and older children traveled to the city Kikubo in Uganda. Sadie Robertson said, “I cannot believe we’re in Uganda. It’s so crazy. We’ve been anticipating this for so long.” Korie Robertson brought Sadie, John Luke, and John Luke’s wife Mary Kate. Missy Robertson came along as well with her sons Cole and Reed. 

One Help Now

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The Robertsons went on the mission trip through an organization called One Help Now. Korie recently posted to her Instagram that she has joined the board of the organization, which aims to bring help to those in need throughout the world. The Duck Dynasty cast visited His Mercy School. Korie said, “This school was built by the organization Help One Now that’s we’ve been working with for several years. We just thought it would be really awesome for us all to go over there and just see the work first hand…to meet the people, and we’re excited to see it come to fruition.” The family played with students, spoke to teachers, and visited homes of the Kikobu people.

 They Packed Their Humor

Young and Beardless Author John Luke Robertson

A Robertson trip wouldn’t be complete without a little humor. John Luke tried to learn Swahili in an attempt to communicate with the natives. In the most recent episode of Duck Dynasty, he can be seen speaking broken Swahili to locals. His attempts are met with looks of confusion. He said to his wife Mary Kate, “I don’t know what’s going on. No one’s understanding me, and I know I’m saying this right.” It wasn’t til the end of the trip that Cole Robertson broke the news to his cousin; the people in Kikobu don’t even speak Swahili.

Eye Opening Experience

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The Robertsons were changed by this trip. Korie said, “There’s a lot of difficult things in Uganda. There’s a lot of sadness and tough things. But, through it all, there’s also a lot of joy. That’s the thing that will stand out to us.” Missy Robertson agreed with her sister-in-law and added, “This trip was just an eye-opening experience about the differences…and that we are so blessed in America versus most people that are outside of America. And so, I encourage my own children, I encourage as many people as I can to experience that. It’ll make you really grateful for what you have.”