Duck Dynasty Is Back And THIS Is Everything You Need To Know


Duck Dynasty is back. Fans have been suffering for too long without their regular fix of the Robertsons. The Robertson family is back, and better than ever, on a new platform called CamoFlix.

Duck Dynasty Stars On CamoFlix

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The Duck Dynasty stars are back in front of the camera, but this time for a whole new medium. is a new website created specifically for outdoor sports-related videos. Think of it as the YouTube that Phil Robertson might actually use. Camoflix states, “We are a video sharing and storage website specializing in outdoor sports. If you want to share your adventures with everyone on the worldwide web…we can do that! If you only want to share with certain friends who properly appreciate your talents…we can do that too!”

The Robertsons are appearing on the website, sharing moments of their lives with fans once again. However, this time they’re able to decide what gets put on the air. In a recent clip called “Si Is Actually Pretty Good At Dominos But Needs Mute Button,” fans can see Uncle Si and his old shenanigans once again.

The video is filmed as a home movie, and truly captures the spirit of Duck Dynasty, without all the editing and advertising. Jase Robertson has his own account on the website. His username is “JaseDuckman” and he has been frequently uploading videos of both at-home and outdoor activities.

Missy’s Stint On The Web

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Missy Robertson is also helping to promote the website. She’s putting together a countdown video series aimed at the wives’ of duck hunters. As duck season approaches, Missy hopes to help the wives survive this stressful time in marriage. Missy’s posts are meant to be humorous but also offer helpful tips.

Her most recent video suggests that couples give each other Christmas gifts before duck season. She personally gifted Jase a 1965 green Jeep with a camouflage interior. Talk about a cool gift.

It’s nice to see that a semblance of Duck Dynasty is back online. Now we’ll be able to keep up with the Robertsons in a whole new way.