Christian Magazine Returns Thanks To Sadie Robertson Cover

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-17

Brio Magazine Returns After Twenty Year Absence

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Brio

In the 1990s, Christian magazine Brio came out to encourage teen Christian girls to follow the word of the Lord. After a long hiatus, the magazine has recently relaunched despite being absent from stands for nearly two decades.

Brio originally came out due to the success of teen magazine, Sassy, in 1988. When Brio his the stands, it was a truly striving market within the publishing world. For many American girls, it fills a niche that magazines like YM, Teen, and Seventeen could not fill.

Sadie Robertson is helping bring those traditions back to the newsstand.

Brio Fills Missing Piece For Teen Christian Girls

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Christian Post

Jezebel writes:

“Where Sassy was overtly feminist, taking on issues like sex and sexism with its signature cool girl tone, and YM gleefully embraced boyfriends and celebrities, Brio offered advice on modest fashion and pointers on what to look for in a future husband. When, in 1992, Sassy had Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain on the cover, Brio had Candace Cameron.”

“If Brio ever ran a cover story on Miss America, it would have been about her enduring Christian faith, a testament to the success of women who lived their lives according to the word of God. When Brio talked about sex, which the magazine regularly did, it was within the context of purity culture, encouraging teens to commit to abstinence.”

Brio Can Touch On Bigger Issues Now

Candace Cameron | Photo Credit Brio

NPR writes:

“Sorcha Brophy, a postdoctoral fellow in sociology at the University of Pittsburgh, also read Brio as a teenager, and later researched Christian teen magazines as part of her master’s thesis…

“I think it will be interesting to see these things play out in a moment where these teenagers are probably less sheltered than possibly the teenagers who were reading the magazine in the early ’90s,” she says. “Because I think it was possible in the early ’90s to live a life where you didn’t necessarily have to engage these issues as much.”

Do you remember Brio Magazine?

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