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BREAKING: The Duck Dynasty Family Received Devastating News… Please Send Prayers

By Jeff Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-31


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The couple you know and love Jase and Missy Robertson have been married since high school. They quickly had two sons Reed, and Cole. Soon after that they looked bring another child into the family. That’s when things started to get complicated. 

As Missy recounts, 

“It took us almost a year to get pregnant. Then about 8-9 weeks along, I found out this baby was growing inside my tube and had not traveled all the way down. And there’s no way for this baby to live. They would have to go in and take it out.”

Missy managed to heal rather quickly, and within three months she was pregnant again. However more serious complications aroused this time,

“I did not receive RhoGAM after my miscarriage. And I am a negative (blood type). Any woman with negative blood has to have a RhoGAM shot to equalize their blood for future pregnancies.”

Jase and Missy were informed that there was a 1% possibility of the baby surviving. Missy knew,

“my body was going to push this baby out. I was told, ‘the goal is to get this baby to 26 weeks before we have to take this baby from your body.’ And that was not something I wanted to hear after having a miscarriage.”

Jase knew his through their faith, and god’s will everything would be alright, 

“We just weren’t praying for everything to be ok. I was like, ‘look, no matter what happens, we’re going to trust You.’ It’s kind of a scary place to be.”

Finally they received some good news from the doctors and, ‘there is no other explanation than to know that this baby must have negative blood.’”

They prayed, thanked God, and prepared for the birth of their daughter Mia,  “At 31 weeks we went in for the fun 4-D ultrasound to see the baby’s face and noticed that something was a little off about her facial features.”

Again they received bad news Missy continues, “’For one thing we noticed from looking that it’s a cleft lip and possibly a cleft palate but there’s no way to know that until the baby’s born.’”

They had never heard of the complication and were scared for their new daughters future. Jase recounts, “The day she was born – I mean, it really was just kind of chilling. When I saw her, in my mind I thought, ‘okay, this is severe.’ Then all of a sudden she was kind of struggling to breathe, and just panic ensued.”

Doctors rushed Jase out of the room. He prayed once more, “’Please let her live. We’ve gone through all this.’ I was thinking, ‘Give her to us and we will do our best.’”

The operation brought Jase to emotional state. “However, that sounds great, that was the worst day of my life. I was real emotional when she was born, and now we haven’t had any rest. We walk in there and this doctor shoves this plaster in her mouth; way too much and way too forceful. And I’m like… she’s not breathing. And then it didn’t come out right, so then he’s like, ‘we got to do this again.’”

Mia ended up being okay, and later when she was 7 got an operation to fix her cleft lip. The family has gone through dramatic ups and downs. But in the end it has made them stronger and has brought the family closer to each other and closer to God.

Jase summarizes by saying, “God’s using us to help other kids and other families, because now we’re the wily veterans. We have this knowledge. That’s why we started our foundation. We are like, ‘We need to talk to these people and try to help them.’ She teaches us about truly it is the spiritual nature of us that is the most important. She’s so friendly and people gravitate towards her because all of the suffering she’s gone through has created this perseverance and there’s character and then there’s hope. Well, you know who doesn’t want hope?”

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