What Did They Blow Up This Time? The Latest Duck Dynasty Dynamite Story

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Duck Dynasty dynamite has become notorious over the years. The Robertson men love to blow things up. They never miss an opportunity to set something ablaze. In the most recent Duck Dynasty episode, we see them do just that.

Miss Kay Needed Vengeance

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The incident started when Miss Kay put out a hit for a snake. The snake had killed her pet squirrel. The Squirrel’s name was “Earl the Squirrel,” and he was a loving part of the Robertson family. Jase felt the need to seek revenge in the name of Earl. He created “The Posse,” by recruiting Si, Jep, and his son Cole to kill as many of the snakes in Miss Kay’s yard as possible. Nevermind that Jase and the gang frequently hunt and kill squirrels. Jase explained, “I don’t know those squirrels…I know this squirrel.” Makes sense to us.

Jep’s Toy

When recruiting Jep, Jase stumbled upon his younger brother playing with a remote controlled truck. At first, Jep insisted the toy belonged to his son River. River, however, didn’t look the least bit interested. At risk of more humiliation, Jep agreed to come along.

The Boat

The men found the snakes, but there was a problem. At least six or seven were all underneath an old boat on the Robertson’s property. Jase suggested Jep pull up the boat’s front and allow his brother to shoot at his feet. For whatever reason, Jep didn’t love that idea. That’s when Cole Robertson came up with the plan. Cole calmly said, “What if we just blew the whole thing up.”

Jase Is A Proud Father

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You could tell by the look on Jase’s face that this was a proud father moment. Cole is a next generation Robertson, but the love of explosives has not been lost on him. The men were afraid to get too close to the boat, but Cole had yet again a great plan. They would use Jep’s toy truck to drive the dynamite under the boat. “You strap dynamite on anything, and it can no longer become a toy,” Jase said with a sheepish smile.

Si Is Always Ready

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Perhaps the most troubling, yet typical, conversation in this entire story is what Si offered. Everyone’s favorite Uncle quickly interjected, “Plus look, I got a pint of napalm jelly in my vehicle.” Why? The world may never know.

The Plan Is Put Into Place

We can report that vengeance was accomplished. The Robertson men drove the poor toy truck right into the boat and set the entire field ablaze. Jase even yelled, “That singed my beard!” You know it’s a good explosion when the beard is a little singed.

The Robertson men are certainly interesting. They have managed to find creative ways and reasons to blow up miscellaneous items for the past 10 seasons, and it seems season 11 will be no exception.