Bet You Didn’t Know This About Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About The Duck Dynasty Star…

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

Twenty-year-old Sadie Robertson is a well-known entrepreneur and reality star. While she’s well known for being a part of the Duck Dynasty, there are several things most don’t know about Sadie Robertson.

Sadie Was Really Shy In School

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

Back in the day, Sadie Robertson said she was shy in school. This is almost hard to believe considering her vast popularity these days. However, based on her shyness, she thinks it’s “very ironic” she is now a public speaker.

Sadie Originally Turned Down Dancing With The Stars

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit DWTS

At first, young Sadie Robertson turned down DWTS because she was afraid of appearing on the contest-driven show. She later “came to her senses,” and ended up making it to the finale of the show.

Sadie Keeps Her Love Life Quiet

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

Unlike other celebrities (and most twenty-somethings), Sadie Robertson knows it’s important to keep her love life under wraps. “When your breakup is trending on Twitter, you know life has gotten weird,” said Sadie.

She added, “I love being able to relate to girls and be a good example, but I’ve learned that I have to be patient and really build a solid foundation with myself in my heart before sharing it with the world.”

Sadie’s First-Ever Video Went Viral

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

The first video that Sadie ever posted actually went viral, and ironically, she never meant to even post it. She said that her sister actually pushed her to post the video online, and the rest is history. “My sister insisted I post it on YouTube and I didn’t even know how to do that,” joked Sadie.

Sadie Can’t Believe She’s Famous

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

Sadie told Fox News that she can’t believe she’s really famous and she never thought it was even a possibility. While growing up in Calhoun, Louisiana, she and her other five siblings lived a quiet life before reality television took over.

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