When You See Who Phil’s With, You’ll Think This Is The BEST Interview EVER


Terry Bradshaw, Phil Robertson’s former football teammate, reunited with Phil to talk football, and duck calls. We can’t get enough of this video of two men who found success in two very different ways.

Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw

We love Phil Robertson interviews. The Duck Dynasty patriarch is always bestowing his knowledge, “out there” views, and unique opinions in the media. However, this particular interview has to be our favorite. In this clip Terry Bradshaw, Phil’s former teammate at Louisiana Tech talks to Phil about his success, and why he left the game.

Many Duck Dynasty fans are shocked to hear that Phil Robertson was destined to be famous in a totally different way prior to the show. Apparently, Phil Robertson was a football star at his college, Lousiana Tech. In fact, he was the starting quarterback ahead of Terry Bradshaw. 

However, Phil gave up the game, wanting to spend more time hunting ducks. He followed his passion and ended up being highly successful. He also gave Terry the opportunity to start, and we all know how that turned out.

In this throwback video clip, Terry asks Phil why he gave up the game. Phil said, “This is my first return trip to Louisiana Tech literally since I saw you in the locker room saying ‘go be an NFL star, I’m going after the ducks.” Phil also explained, “you had something that I did not have. You had the desire to excel in the game of football, and I really had a passion for the old mallard ducks.”

Terry’s Praise

Terry Bradshaw had some great praise for Phil. He said, “I used to tell everybody, there was a guy, Phil Robertson. Guy had as quick a release as Joe Namath. I still remember you always wore Levi jeans and a t-shirt. On that was either duck feathers, guts from a squirrel, blood from some varmant somewhere…”

Sounds like Phil has always been the same. It’s so fascinating that these two men knew each other so long ago, and now they’re both stars in their own right. Did you know Phil Robertson knew Terry Bradshaw so well?