These Are The 5 Best Duck Dynasty Episodes To Binge Watch Now


You might have a few days off this New Years. Like us, you probably want to indulge in a little Duck Dynasty episodes binge session. Here are our favorite throwback episodes to watch on a cozy day off.

Family Funny Business

Family Funny Business was the very first of the Duck Dynasty episodes. The episode introduces all our favorite characters, and quickly sets the Duck Commander scene. It’s a classic tale of Willie wanting his family to work hard- and his family just wanting to play. There’s appearances from Miss Kay, Jase, Korie, Si, and even Phil. If you can only fit in one episode this vacation, we highly recommend this one.

Redneck Logic

If you love watching the Robertsons blow things up, this is the episode for you. It aired in the first season, when we were still getting to know the family. Miss Kay’s kids accuse her of being a hoarder and subsequently convince her to throw a yard sale. In the spirit of purging, Phil decides to let his boys blow up an old duck blind. Talk about a classic Duck Dynasty episode.

Driving Miss Sadie

If you love watching Uncle Si in action, Driving Miss Sadie should be your episode of choice. When Sadie needs to learn how to drive, her crazy Uncle steps up to the plate. This is when we were first starting to realize just how hilarious Si can be. Plus, Phil chaperones a seriously awkward date for John Luke. Now that we’ve seen who John Luke ends up marrying there’s a bit of nostalgia watching his first female interaction.

Can’t Hardly Weight

This Duck Dynasty episode has everything you could dream of. We get to watch Willie Robertson try yoga. Plus, we get to see Si use a poodle as a hunting dog. There’s really nothing better than watching Willie awkwardly suffer through downward dog. Well, except maybe watching Si bond with a “girlie” dog.

John Luke After Dentist

If John Luke After Dentist isn’t your favorite Duck Dynasty episode, then you’re lying. This one will live in infamy. Sadie and John Luke have their wisdom teeth removed. The siblings don’t exactly handle their anesthesia well, and hilariousness ensues. Trust us, you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll get a stomach ache.

Take some time this vacation season to cozy up on the couch and binge watch a few Duck Dynasty episodes. You won’t regret it.