Nobody Expected Sadie Robertson To Announce This After The End Of Duck Dynasty…


Is there anything Sadie Robertson can’t do? The Duck Dynasty star has danced her way into our hearts. Now she’s singing on number one records, hosting her own tour, and representing her own fashion line. This girl really does have it all.

Sadie Robertson’s Success

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Sadie Robertson’s success has only grown since the end of Duck Dynasty last Spring. The young starlet got her start on her family’s reality television series Duck Dynasty. However, she then went on to join the cast of Dancing With The Stars and we saw she is capable of way more than just reality TV.

Sadie was the first runner up on the ballroom dancing competition show. Her fan base nearly doubled, and people started paying attention to the West Monroe native in a big way. She then went on to pen her own book, Live Original

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The concept of the book turned into an entire brand. Sadie couldn’t have predicted how successful the Live Original company would be. Sadie’s book was a New York Times Best Seller. She now tours the country putting on an entire arena show. At the event fans get to listen to Sadie give motivational speeches. She also invites many different Christian music groups, social media influencers, and family members.

Going Above And Beyond

Previously we’ve known that Sadie is an excellent dancer, and writer. Now we know she’s also a great singer. Sadie recently released a new single with the band Anthem Lights. The song Just Be You hit number one on the itunes charts after just 24 hours. In the track Sadie harmonizes perfectly, and sounds beautiful. She also helped write the song. She told her followers, “When we set down to talk about writing this song we decided we really just want to create a song that you girls can sing over yourself in the morning and throughout the day as a reminder that YOU truly are a one of a kind!”

Sadie truly is a triple threat. She can sing, dance, act, and run her own businesses. There’s truly nothing Sadie Robertson can’t do, and we can’t wait to see what her next endeavor will be.