Alan Reveals Phil Did This Controversial Thing To Him TWICE Growing Up


Today’s Robertson family is a lot different than it used to be. The cast members of Duck Dynasty have created a brand of family values and shared love. However, it hasn’t always been that way. Alan Robertson told The Christian Broadcasting Network what it was like to be thrown out of the house by his father.

Phil Robertson Kicks His Kids Out Of The House

Phil Robertson has had quite a bit of turmoil in his life. The Duck Dynasty patriarch is now known for his evangelism and world-class duck call. However, before fame and success, Phil had fallen into a terrible pattern of adultery and alcohol abuse.

Alan Robertson, the oldest of the four brothers, shared what it was like to be kicked out of the house by his own father. Phil had been chasing women and drinking for quite some time. Alan says he had, “decided we were cramping his lifestyle. He was not living the for Lord, he was living for himself.”

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Many fans find it hard to believe Miss Kay and Phil were ever on the outs. The truth is that they lived separately for an extended period of time. Phil told his family to leave and they did. Alan recalled, “He asked us all to leave and we did. We were living about an hour north of where we are now. We moved down to West Monroe. Like a lot of broken families we had very little.” 

Miss Kay did the best she could with her boys by her side. Eventually, Phil turned towards the Lord and the family reunited.

Alan Gets Kicked Out Again

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Sadly, there was even more drama. Phil ended up kicking Alan out of the house by himself in his early adult years. Alan explained, “I don’t know if it was a response maybe to that whole lifestyle…I just got into those teenage years and kind of went of the pale. Dad said, you got brothers here, you can’t live this way and stay here.”

Alan eventually straightened himself out and returned home. The Robertsons sure have been through a lot. Do you think Phil Robertson did the right thing, kicking Alan out a second time?