What Alan Says About Phil’s Show Will Make You Want To Pay For Every Episode Now…


Alan Robertson seems to be the mastermind behind the new show Phil In The Woods. In a recent Facebook Live video, he strangely compared the show with buying a pack of cigarettes. Here’s what else the Robertson men had to say about the new series.

Alan Robertson’s Bizarre Simile

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Alan Robertson made a sly simile while trying to sell Phil In The Woods to his Facebook Live audience. While filming the live streaming video, Alan sat next to his dad, Phil Robertson. 

Alan explained that Phil In the Woods would premiere on a paid-for streaming service called CRTV. The Robertsons explained they chose this model because, “We had to do a show with Dad where there’s no advertisers or sponsors, cause they just totally shut you down. [They say] ‘Phil’s too controversial.'” 

Alan’s next plea for subscriptions was a bit more bizarre. He said, “When you think about it…How much is a can of snuff dad?”

Phil agreed that the monthly cost of Phil In the Woods would be about the equivalent to a can of snuff or a pack of cigarettes.

 Alan continued, “…a pack of cigarettes, a can of snuff, for a month, for this show…”

We’re not sure why Alan assumed that the audience for this show already would be willing to spend money on snuff or cigarettes. He did make a better argument when he explained that there would be three times more content of Phil In the Woods than there was for Duck Dynasty. The show plans to roll out 200 episodes this year alone. 

Phil’s Broken Silence

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This isn’t the first time the Robertsons have alluded that Phil In the Woods will give them greater freedom of speech. 

Phil Robertson told Ben Shapiro, “I told the guys…I said if we do this, let’s have it to where there’s no filters between myself and the public I’m speaking to. None of these people who say okay we’ll only sponsor you if say this say that. That’s how they are manipulating the system. We’ll sponsor you as long as you say something that agrees with our ideology. You stray one centimeter over that, and you’re out.”

It seems like Alan Robertson is excited to be able to hear his dad speak freely on CRTV. Time will tell if audiences feel the same way.