Phil’s Son Makes Sad Confession About What Phil Is Going Through Now


Alan Robertson seems to be playing his father’s manager these days. Phil Robertson is now on CRTV’s internet streaming service with his new show Phil In The Woods. Apparently, the new project is made by Phil’s oldest son, Alan Robertson.

Alan Robertson Explains Phil In The Woods

Recently, Alan Robertson appeared with his father Phil in a Youtube video covering the corruption and “swamp” in Washington DC. In the video, Alan explained why his father has decided to turn to the internet after years on network television.

Apparently, the idea for Phil In the Woods came from Alan Robertson.The eldest of the Robertson boys, he was often ostracized for his beardlessness. However, these days he’s hanging out with his dad more than ever.

In a Ben Shapiro radio appearance, Phil explained, “I spoke to the Nebraska Delegation… Someone took a video with a cell phone, which I don’t own by the way,” Phil recalled. “And they put it on the internet. 10 million clicked on to hear me say that. So my oldest son said Dad you need to talk more.”

Alan explained in the new Youtube video, “The reason we went to the internet, to do a show about Dad. If you haven’t realized this, Dad doesn’t do too well with sponsors, advertisers and networks, because they don’t like what he has to say. So we decided to go straight to you, the folks.”

Sounds like Alan knows his dad pretty well. He doesn’t like to be censored and he doesn’t want to have to jump through hoops.

Phil Robertson Gives The Audience A Taste

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In the same video, Phil Robertson gave viewers a taste of the sort of talk he’ll be doing on the internet show. “What we need to remember is,” Phil explained, “the politicians who end up here [DC] they’re put here by us. We the people, elect the politicians that rule over us, run the government.”

Phil believes “politicians in Washington DC are but a reflection of us.” He hopes to change the people from “corrupt to Godly,” in order to change politics from the bottom up.

Do you think Phil and Alan Robertson will succeed in their goals?