Phil Was Almost Fired For THIS Absurd Reason When Jep Was Born…


Phil Robertson advised Jep Robertson not to rush home and be with Jessica the day the pair’s son was due. Apparently, Phil doesn’t think a man should watch his own children come into the world.

Phil Robertson Almost Fires Jep

In a Before The DynastyDuck Dynasty special, Phil Robertson admitted he almost fired Jep the day his son was born. The Robertson men were filming one of their Duckman DVDs the day River entered the world. Jep rushed home to be by Jessica’s side, despite his father’s advise.

Phil Robertson is a fascinating man. He’s got some pretty controversial opinions, and one is that a father doesn’t need to see the birth of his children. In this hilarious clip, Phil proclaims, “Look I watched you [Jep] be born. There was no fun to that. It’s a brutal exercise man.”

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Apparently, Jep is the only one of the Robertson boys that Phil witnessed the birth. Phil told his son, “I’ve watched one baby be born in my life, Jep. And it was you.”

Before Duck Dynasty was a major A&E network show, the Robertson men filmed the Duckman DVDs themselves. Jep was a cameraman on their shoot. Phil said, “this is the first time I’ve had a cameraman, just pull out and hit the road.”

Saving Face

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Jep ended up making it to the birth. 

He recalled, “I took off. It was a long trip from Kansas to back home, but surprisingly the way up took a lot longer than the way back…Turned out great. He’s a Robertson. He wasn’t born with a beard, which is a little disappointing.”

Why didn’t Phil fire Jep immediately? Well, he named River partially after. River’s middle name is Alexander, the same as Phil’s. “I used to think it was after Alexander the Great, but they told me no. Some of your kin folks was called Alexander. I said, ‘okay.'”

Phil Robertson joked, “I forgave him for leaving the duck blind, he did name the boy after me you know. It could have been worse…I’d have fired him if he hadn’t named him after me.”