5 Duck Dynasty Secrets We Never Saw Coming


Duck Dynasty was known as a wholesome, family-friendly show. However, its many cast mates have a few dark skeletons in their closet. Here are five Duck Dynasty secrets that just might shock you.

1) Jep Robertson Has Experimented With Drugs

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We think of Duck Dynasty and we think camouflage, family dinners, duck hunts, and good-natured fun. However, what we definitely don’t think about is drug or alcohol abuse. Looking at the Robertsons today you’d never guess that they were once alcohol or drug addicts.

Jep Robertson, the youngest of the Robertson brothers, admitted to experimenting with drugs during his young adult years. He wrote in his book The Good The Bad And The Grace Of God that he’d tried nearly every drug imaginable. Jep said, “As a senior in high school, I hung out with what I thought were ‘cool’ friends and started with the alcohol and the drugs… But my father said, ‘You also can die from this.’ But I thought I could handle it. Then at one point I drove home one night and fell out of my truck, passed out on the ground. But thankfully I didn’t kill anyone that night getting home.”

The Family Stepped in

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Even more shocking than Jep Robertson’s drug abuse is how he eventually recovered. Willie Robertson noticed his brother was spiraling out of control and decided to do something about it. He invited Jep to a family dinner and the entire family staged an intervention for their youngest son. Jep remembers asking, “what took you so long?” and falling to his knees.

The family knew that was only the beginning. Yep recalled, “My family put me on house arrest for three months at home… and I studied my faith all over again. And I realized I’d been counting on my father’s faith and just being able to say, ‘I’m with him,'”

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