5 Things You Never Knew About Jase Robertson


Jase Robertson is the second oldest son of Kay and Phil Robertson. He’s helped his father grow Duck Commander into the business it is today. You might think you know Jase really well, after all, you’ve followed him on Duck Dynasty for years. However, here are 5 things you may not have known about Jase.

1. Si Robertson Named Him

Si Robertson actually named Jase. You’d think Phil Robertson would have wanted to but it seems like at the time he was a bit preoccupied. “Kay goes into labor okay, and they take her into the hospital… they call me and they say she’s fixing to have a baby. So I go up there and she says ‘hey look, go find Phil, he’s on the river. Tell him I’m having a baby and ask him what he wants to name it.'”

This was at a much different time. Unlike today, where birthing plans are common and mothers and fathers have every detail of their labor experience chronicled, back then, fathers really weren’t involved in the birthing process. Especially fathers who were in a sex, drugs and, rock n’ roll lifestyle like Phil Robertson was. When Si came up on the river bank to tell Phil that Kay was having the baby, he responded, “What do you want me to do about it?”

Perhaps not your typical response but this is Phil Robertson we’re talking about. Si yelled down, “She wants to know what you want to name it.” and Phil replied, “I don’t care tell her to name him after you.” Si delivered the message and Kay settled on Jase Silas Robertson.

Si also admitted that he felt responsible for a large part of Jase’s upbringing. He said, “When he was a baby, me and my wife lived over there close to Phil and Kay and we kept him a lot. And he’s got a lot of my mannerisms. And I guess that’s why me and him argue so much… He’s got a lot of my mannerisms.” If we think about it they are pretty similar.

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