5 Things Phil Robertson’s Family Values… Number 3 Might Surprise You


Phil Robertson’s family is a tight-knit group with a large following and an even bigger business. One of the things that sets them apart from other reality TV families is their ability to get along. We never see these relatives yell or scream at one another. How do they keep their relationships so healthy and their lives so peaceful? They share a few core values. Here are 5 things the Robertsons value and agree on across the board.

1) The Robertson Love Food

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Something any family can bond over? A love for food. The Robertson’s love for food is well documented. In every Duck Dynasty episode we see the family gather together for a meal. They break bread together and enjoy one another’s company. A family that frequently dines together is sure to knit a strong bond.

It’s important to Phil Robertson that his family gathers around the table regularly. He said, “Good food has always had the power of bringing people together… When you add in a continual thankfulness to the Almighty for whatever blessings He’s provided, you create a time of openness, communication and fun storytelling.” 

The Robertsons have channeled their love for food into multiple cookbooks. Fans can purchase Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen and eat like the famous family regularly. Miss Kay also has her own bakery, where she sells her best sweets- all Phil approved of course. Jep and Jessica Robertson have also opened up their own food business- a food truck in Austin, Texas. Jessica Robertson explained, “once we started thinking about what we wanted to do after Duck Dynasty and Jep and Jess Growing the Dynasty ended, we asked ourselves what are we most passionate about. And, that is definitely Faith, Family/Friends, and Food! We love to cook and serve people, and being in the kitchen is definitely Jep’s happy place.”

Moral of the story? The family that eats together stays together. And this family eats together a lot.

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