5 Spot On Conservative Politics Quotes by Phil Robertson


Phil Robertson is as conservative and as faith-filled as they come. He speaks his mind on his show In the Woods With Phil on Conservative Review Television every week. Here are 5 things Phil has said about politics that will have you nodding your head along in agreement.

On Matters Of Gun Control

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Gun control has been a hot topic in the news lately, and there’s perhaps no topic more polarizing at this time in our lives. Phil Robertson is annoyed by the whole thing. It’s unsurprising that Phil owns quite a few assault rifles of his own. After all, this is a man who’s made millions off of the hunting industry.

However, Phil would rather everyone focus their attention away from guns, and onto a more spiritual weapon. In a video posted to Facebook, Phil shows off a large assault rifle. He says, “So I have here an earthly weapon. It’s a firearm. I would never want to use that against another man…This is also a weapon.” What was Robertson referring to? The Bible. He continued, “It’s called a sword – the sword of the spirit. You want to stop murder worldwide? You’re focusing on the wrong weapon. This, this will stop human beings from murdering one another.” Phil believes that America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a sin problem.

He’d Put Guns In Schools

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However, when asked specifically how he’d solve the terrifying school shooting problem in America, Phil says he isn’t opposed to armed guards in schools.

Many liberals and conservatives have argued back and forth about whether or not guns should be present on school property. Conservatives argue that schools are currently left unarmed, and unprotected. Liberals believe arming teachers or guards would only increase the threat.

Phil agreed with President Trump’s suggestions of arming schools, but he qualified that the armed officers would need to be highly vetted and trained. He said, “Because there’s been so much carnage from time to time in our schools, I don’t disagree with [President Trump’s] assessment. People just come in the way they’ve done in some of these schools and start shooting up the place. I would feel better about it if my children were in that school, if someone- and I would have to stress that they’d have to be fully trained and know fire arms and be fully vetted- but I would say at least they’d have had a better chance if that were the case.”

There’s No Need For Universal Health Care

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Health care is another polarizing topic in America today. Liberals are calling for universal health care, and conservatives want to repeal and replace Obamacare. However, Phil thinks, once again, that Americans are focusing on the wrong thing.

He pointed out that his entire life he never once used any sort of health care. He told a Roy Moore rally, “I didn’t have any kind of health insurance for 50 years. None. You say ‘did your family have health care insurance? Your mama and daddy and your kin folks?’ We never heard of that. You say ‘well what if something had happened?’ It didn’t.”

Phil would rather his millions of fans, and critics, focus on a different type of healing- a spiritual healing. He continued, “Look, you know why you shouldn’t get too concerned about Obamacare, or whatever they replace it with if they replace it? You know why you shouldn’t get all excited? Alabama, any kind of healthcare you get it’s not going to keep you out of a six foot hole.”

Phil believes that eternal health care, i.e. believing in Jesus is free and already available to everyone. The government need not get involved. He stated, “Well if we all going into a six foot hole anyway, with or without health care? They may could slow it down maybe and give you a few more years. You say ‘the dude is saying I’m going to die.’ Therefore, why don’t you all invest in eternal health care? Hey, it’s already been paid for. Won’t cost you a dime. Your body will be resurrected from the grave. I’m like how much does that cost me? He says it’s already been paid for. I’m going with eternal health care.”

The Government Should Shut Down


Perhaps Phil Robertson’s most controversial political opinion is that we don’t need the government…at all. In a CRTV clip, Phil describes his excitement upon hearing the government might shut down. He said, “So when I got the news that the government may shut down…a guy like me lives and hopes that he sees the day when it does shut down. see I want it to shut down. The people who scramble and are all worried…they’re just bluffing…”

He hates that there are people dependent on the government, and believes we as Americans would be better off relying on ourselves only. He stated, “As a Godly man or woman, make it your ambition to live a quiet life. Mind your own business. Work with your hands, doing something that’s good so you can share with others, so that you won’t have to be dependent on anybody, including the United States Government.” 

Phil even believes we don’t need the government for infrastructure. He would only require that America has strong law enforcement and military. He said, “After that, let the private sector build the bridges and the roads. Government not needed.”

His Only Deal Breaker

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Phil Robertson only has one deal breaker when it comes to choosing political candidates. He shared that no matter how conservative, or wonderful a candidate may seem, if they are pro-choice, they won’t be getting his vote. Phil explained, “If the dude or woman is for ripping human fetuses out of their mother’s womb, don’t ever vote for that. Don’t ever say ‘yes’ to that. It’s terrible.”

He added, “And not only that… All these people talk about women’s rights and all of this stuff, all of these little girls that are killed.  Well, it’s a women’s health issue. And you’re like, a woman’s health issue? Half of those women you’re killing are girls, are little baby girls. I mean, what about their health?” This is the one political position Phil will never, ever budge from.

Do you agree with Phil Robertson on every political position? Do you think he’s nailing it out of the park, or are there a few things you think he’s off base about?