4 Reasons That Make Godwin The Best Duck Commander Employee


If you’re like us, you love Godwin. He’s an old Duck Commander employee and he’s known the Robertsons for years. Here are our favorite things about this lovable walrus.

Godwin of Duck Dynasty

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Godwin is one of the Duck Commander employees cast in Duck Dynasty. Though most of the series centered around the Robertson family, there are a few employees of the business that are often featured. He has appeared at the center of many episodes, and we even got to meet his wife and daughter towards the end of the series.

He Loves Food

Like many of the Robertsons, Godwin loves food. However, unlike many of the Robertsons, Godwin doesn’t care what type of food it is. He loves it all. He’s always down to talk about some grub.  He loves food and loves to talk about it almost just as much.  Because of his love for food, he’s never afraid to ask the tough questions. For example, which pizza do you like better?

He’s A Jokster

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Godwin is also a huge jokester. No, he isn’t as slap-happy as Uncle Si. However, he does have a hint of sarcasm in him, and he is always making us laugh. We particularly like when he told his fellow employees “We’re the glue that holds this place together I guarantee it.” He’s never afraid to speak his mind and let everyone know how valuable he and his friend Martin are to the Duck Commander business.

He’s Got Years Of Wisdom

Godwin often gets a bad rap for being one of the older employees. We see this as a positive- he’s got years of wisdom to pull from. Martin once joked, “I would compare myself and Godwin to modern day, Aristotle and Plato… I’m not exactly sure, but Godwin may be as old as one of them.”

His Beard Is Unique

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In a sea of beards, it can be hard to pick out a favorite. Godwin’s, however, is unique. Jase once said, “Everyone knows the best form of camouflage during duck season is a man’s beard… Except for John Godwin! His beard became a bit of a problem for us…” Godwin’s glowing white beard might be a problem during duck season, but we love it’s Santa Claus quality.

We love Godwin so much, and we hope he’s doing well. Do you miss seeing him on TV each week?