5 Inspiring Willie Robertson Quotes To Get You Through The Work Day


Willie Robertson is the ultimate CEO. He’s managed to grow his dad’s business into a multi-million dollar dynasty. He’s also managed to keep his family together and happy, all while staying close to God. Here are 5 inspiring quotes from the Duck Commander himself that will encourage you to keep the faith and stay the course.

1) To Be a Good Leader, You Need Jesus

To be a successful CEO or businessman in general, you need excellent leadership skills. Willie has led his entire family and the Duck Commander company to success. There have been hard times, and times of major risk, but through it all, he has kept the faith and managed to inspire his many employees (who also happen to be related to him).

Willie’s best leadership advice? Follow God. He said, “I want my attitude to be like Christ Jesus. So the first person I’m gonna look at is God himself who walked around on Earth… We can’t lead unless we know who exactly led us.” Willie’s faith is strong and his relationship with God allows him to be a great example to everyone he works with. The take away is this: follow God and you will lead others down the right path.

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