5 Clips Of Si Robertson With Kids That Prove He’s The Best Uncle In The World


You’re lying if you say you haven’t wished Si Robertson was your uncle. The Duck Dynasty man has proven himself a hilarious family member and a truly loving Uncle. Here are five clips of him with Phil Robertson’s grandkids that prove he’s the best guy for the job.

Uncle Si Has a Tea Party

Our number one favorite Uncle Si clip has got to be “Uncle Si’s Tea Party.” This is back from the early years of Duck Dynasty when Mia Lily and Merritt were just in grade school. The girls are decked out in boas, tiaras, and fake jewels, and they want their PaPaw Phil and Uncle Si to join them. Of course, Phil isn’t about to step in but Mia aptly calls him a “stick in the mud.” Si is a more lighthearted spirit and was glad to join.

He even stated, “Hey if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do it right. I want nail polish on my nails!” He was happy to carry on with the girls, and wasn’t afraid of looking too silly. That’s the hallmark of a great Uncle- he’s not afraid to get one their level and play with them on their terms.

Si Robertson Understands the Beauty of Kids

Si also understands the beauty of kids and what they can offer in terms of wisdom. He said, “Some of the most profound things you’ll see, comes from kids. They’re going to say what they feel and what they mean. I went and played with them and had a tea party with them…I love kids, and like I said the best way to explain it is I’m still a big kid.” Missy Robertson said, “He loves children, children are comfortable around him. And he is one of those, just like Phil and Miss Kay, who genuinely love people.”

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