4 Relatable Sadie Robertson Quotes About Being A Teen


Sadie Robertson grew up before our eyes on the Duck Dynasty series, and now has her own many businesses to care after. She’s also a motivational speaker at her Live Original Tour. Teens from all over, seem to relate to Sadie’s relevant wisdom.

On Growing Up…

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“It’s exciting again, and then it’s like…Wow this is real, and it’s kind of hitting me.”

Many teens can relate to the angst of growing older. There’s excitement in leaving the house and being on your own. However, there is also fear of the unknown and what taking charge of your own life might require. It’s all a bit confusing.

On Choosing A College…

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“My plans are kind of up in the air. It’s so hard to narrow it down because this is our future! How are you supposed to decide that whenever you’re 18?”

On an episode of Duck Dynasty, Sadie Robertson admitted she thought it was a little silly to have to plan your entire life at 18.

It’s hard for high school grads to make such an enormous decision, never having been out in the real world. Inevitably Sadie didn’t end up going to college, but is instead, focusing on her career. 

On Break Ups

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“It’s not fun, it’s not easy. But when you know you need to do something then you need to do it…It was hard on us, and it’s sad for us. It’s not how we wish things would end but it’s what happened. We feel like this is the best thing.”

After breaking up with long time boyfriend Blake Coward, Sadie felt the need to address her fans directly. She used her Youtube account to make a video telling her fans about the split. She told her audience that she did not want to be “bound in bitterness,” and wanted to use her experience to help others.

Teens go through breakups all the time. Usually their first breakup is the hardest. Sadie seemed mature about the split, and understood that things happen for a reason.

About Self-Confidence

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“That is the way not to find self confidence — looking for confidence in yourself. If you try to find confidence in who you are, just as a human; on the outward appearance, what your title job is, what you look like, whatever it is — you’re not gonna find it. You have to find it in God.”

The Robertson family has never shied away from talking about their Christian beliefs. Sadie spoke directly to her fans in a video about self-confidence. She believes true confidence comes from a relationship with God. The Duck Dynasty teen told her viewers that she doesn’t think they should find their worth in their money, clothes, or success.

Sadie Robertson is a relatable teen, and she has capitalized on her unique speaking abilities through her Live Original Tour. She’s gained a lot of wisdom for someone only beginning her adult life.